Creating A Vintage Home With Cloth Napkins

Vintage is always in. It looks charming, and you can buy the pieces new or go for authentic items. You can find plenty of vintage patterns that have been reproduced for contemporary times. If you are looking to move away from a stark, modern look, and enjoy something more romantic. Add some, or all, of these vintage touches to your home.

Vintage linens are as practical as they are charming. They will also save you money on constantly replacing them because vintage linens were built to last. Printed tablecloths featuring strawberries, flowers, maps, foods of the world and more can be found online or in stores. The tablecloths are made from 100 percent cotton that launders easily and always looks fresh.

Vintage style White cloth napkins are also a huge hit at home. You can find the napkins printed with all sorts of delicate patterns, including roses, embroidery, even monograms. The napkins are also 100 percent cotton, which means they are durable and launder easily.

When you use cloth napkins you will also be doing something helpful for the environment. Cloth napkins are reusable and durable. They will last a long time and if you take care of them, they can make great gifts to hand down later down the line. Cloth napkins are not only practical, but they are romantic as well.

You can find cloth napkins online and in stores. They are definitely more expensive than paper napkins, but remember, you can use them forever and they don't fill up our landfills with waste. Cloth napkins are a green way to get that vintage look and they look lovely.

No vintage styled home is complete without tableware. You can either buy reproduction of vintage piece, or buy the real thing. You can find authentic vintage tableware online or in antique stores. Some patterns are fairly inexpensive and the good thing is that they will often go up in value as the piece become harder to find. Authentic pieces are fun to collect as well, and it can become quite a hobby. Just make sure you have space to display all your treasures.

Vintage glasses come in lovely patterns and are made from all types of materials, including plastic, ceramic, and glass. The vintage kitchen is hot right now, and you will find that many high end kitchens come equipped with vintage reproductions of stoves and refrigerators. Many people swear by the real things, though vintage stoves can be especially expensive. Be prepared to make an investment if you want to own a vintage stove.

Kitchen accessories are fun to collect. Look for items like rolling pins, aprons, measuring cups and salt shakers. You can find authentic salt shakers from the 50's for quite affordable prices. You just have to be prepared to spend some time looking.

Create a true vintage home with cloth napkins, tableware and other items. Your home will look quirky, charming and cool. Think outside of the box and go vintage.